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2016-02-01 07:52:49 (UTC)

Introduction Story

Hi public reader,

In this dairy I will go by the name, BurningFlame.
Im almost 33years old and got lots to talk about. I do find it very difficult finding
people I can talk to about things ide like to talk about. Im the "talking about atoms
life, energies, love" type of person. Most call me a dreamer, misterious,
and sometimes even down right crazy, but small talk just doesn't
interest me all to much. Besides that, I do believe there is a little touch
of madness and I wear it with pride! :)

Throughout my life i have experienced some strange but yet magical
experiences. They all add up to my spiritual life so far and i love to explore every
single one of them. At this moment im diving in one of my favorite
misteries: Dreams..

"Some dream to sleep, Some sleep to dream"

My big interest in dreams started after discovering i had precognitive
dreams, meaning i had vivid dreams which later would come true,
for instance, when i was in shelter i had two seperate dreams, one about
a fire and the second one about a flood. Funny thing about the few
precognitive dreams i had, ide mostly tell someone about them. Probably
because they are more vivid than "normal" dreams.

Few weeks later, early morning im dreaming one of the machines
breaking down which sets the alarm off. Everyone stops working and
look confused as some of my colleges and me rush to the machine to
see whats wrong. While watching the machine spitting out all lables
and two men trying to shut it down i feel a pull on my right leg. I look
look down but there is nothing there pulling my leg what so ever so
i look back up to the machine when all of a sudden..

Another hard pull and next thing i know im on the floor next to my bed.
A bit confused and a little shaken up i see this woman from the sheltor
yelling at me to come out of bed and go outside. At the same time
i realise i still here the alarm. For a second im wondering if im still dreaming,
but it doesn't take long to realise that i have to get out of the building.
Once we all got outside we were told there was a fire in the kitchen.
End was, nobody got hurt, not much damage but atleast that night we
had a decent meal. Haha

Not long after this incident i had another dramatic wake up call.
Only did we not wake up with the alarm, this time we woke up due
to a terrible smell. Turned out the first floor of the building was flooded
with waste. Only possible thing to do to escape the smell was to leave
the building so we did.

Outside we all gathered at a place near the sheltor. while i sit on a bench just letting
my thoughts flow i get this image flashing by, an image where i dream
about the flood. At that excact same time this girl from shelter pokes
my upper arm and says; "you and your stupid dreams!"
Who knows if it was truly linked? It did intrige me
very much however and the answer wasn't that far away.

I always was the type of person who dreamt about someome
i hadn't seen for a while and within a very short time after
this dream i would somewhere run in to this person.
This is however experienced by lots of people but therefor
not less interesting. If anything, it should make you wonder.

Unfortunatly for me it once took on an extreme form
where the (reocurring) dream(s) of a person i hadn't seen
for a long time lasted over two years before we ran into
eachother again. This running into eachother tho, precognitive
aswel as realtime, has brought me my personal heaven and hell.
I will leave this up to another story. This is where it all
came together, the power of dreams, synchronicity,
numorolegy, it just truly blew me away like nothing ever has.
It definitly does deserve a story on its on, even tho it
might be the hardest story ever to write. I will love it at
the same time. Like i said, my heaven and my hell.

To go back to the dreaming, i always knew, or felt that
dreams tel you a lot about your waking life yet i did not
know much about it. Later on i started to learn by experience,
there are different types of dreams. Im not sure how
many since im not an expert but personaly i have
mwt three types of dreams;

Normal dreams

Precognitive dreams

Lucid dreams

Normal dreams are the type of dreams where we
process everyday life.

Precognitive dreams are dreams about future events.

Lucid dreams are dreams in where you know you are
dreaming and have the abillity to controle your dream.

Even tho i learned a bit about dreaming, i still know nothing.
Where does it come from, where does it play out?
Are there other realms in which we find ourselves?
I dont know. But i am about to learn much more.

Often times ive been thinking about keeping a dream journal.
I guess thats the main reason i came to this site. Even
tho im truly commited this time in doing so, i might not
publish all my dreams in public. On the other hand, i might
write about some other things on my mind aswel.

One other big reason for me being here is bc of this longing
i feel to share my thoughts with others. There aren't
much people around me thinking about things i think
about. It might be a great way to reach out to more or less
likeminded people. Or maybe you just like to read stories
on a certain topic. Whatever it is, im glad to share.

Ill leave it to this for now. Looking forward to get to
know this site.



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