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2016-01-31 23:09:40 (UTC)

My younger sister MOSTLY TRUE.

I don't recall the first time I masturbated but I do remember the first time I had an orgasm and actually shot cum. I must have been eleven or twelve and I was spending the summer at my aunt's with my cousin. He had two sisters and the boy's bedrooms was upstairs over the two downstairs bedrooms. The house was old and the slats in the hardwood floors had separated from age and when a light was on in the bedrooms downstairs it cast thin beams of light through the floor into the bedrooms upstairs.

One evening my male cousin had to go to a Boy scout meeting and my aunt, who was my mother's sister was downstairs watching TV. I was lying on a bed in the room above her bedroom looking at a pinup magazine we had found that day in an old rundown shack on back of a farm next to my uncles farm. My little dick was only about four inches long at that time and I had it out playing with it while looking at the pinup girls.

Suddenly I saw the beams of light from the bedroom below and I turned off the lamp beside the bed and leaned over the edge of the bed to peek through the cracks in the floor. I saw my aunt unbuttoning her blouse so I quietly eased myself out of the bed and lay on the floor and watched her undress as I stroked my now rock hard dick. I'd never seen a woman nude before and I watched in awe as each piece of clothing was removed.

Her breasts were large and full and had a slight heavy sag to them and her pussy had a full bush of dark hair. I shot my first load of cum and as my dick kept squirting and squirting I was a little scared that she might hear my grunts of pleasure or that some of my ejaculate might run through the cracks and drip down below.

She didn't notice and I kept watching all the while wondering what had just happened that caused that wonderful feeling and where all the gooey liquid had came from and why. About another year went by before I would see an old 8mm porn flick and find the answer.

Anyway, She had gone to the kitchen and gotten a wash pan of warm water to bathe in. They had no running water as it was in the 50's and few people in the country did.

My aunt was probably in her early 40's at the time and had a pinup figure herself and as she spread her legs to wash between her legs I could see her pink pussy and after she rinsed the soap from it she put two fingers of one hand inside it and rubbed the outside vigorously with the middle finger of her other hand. Once again my dick was hard and in my hand being stroked. In only a few seconds she was moaning and hunching against her hands and then she clamped her legs tightly together and released a loud moan and I shot another load onto the floor beside me.

After a couple minutes she got dressed, picked up the pan of water and turned out the light. I found an old dirty shirt and mopped up the streams of cum from the floor.From that time on I was a peeping tom and were I not too old to make a fast getaway I would be today still.

In my teens we were dirt poor and moved from cheap rent houses to cheap rent houses. Our mother always worked two jobs and our dad was hardly ever around therefore we pretty much raised ourselves and had no in house role models. Often times with five siblings there weren't enough bedrooms to go around so some times my sister who is a year younger than myself was in the same bed that I was.

When I returned home after my visit life was never again the same. My mind was constantly consumed with sexual thought and always seeking opportunities to peek through windows and keyholes to catch my sister or my mom while they were undressing or bathing or in some state of undress for any reason. I just couldn't get enough of it.

At about the age of fourteen my sister who is one year younger than myself had the breasts and ass of a full grown woman and I had secretly jacked off watching her many times. She had big swollen puffy nipples and wore only white tee shirts and white cotton panties to bed and kept my dick hard all the time and it was now about six and a half inches long and very fat and hard to hide.

One night I was awakened from my sleep by something pressing against my face. I slept at the foot of the bed and she at the head. Becoming fully awake I realized it was my sisters crotch in my face and I gently pressed my tongue against it slowly pushing it farther and farther into the seam of her pussy lips. She appeared to be asleep so I eased my fingers under the leg band of her panties and pulled them aside while listening for a change in her breathing. Sensing that she was soundly asleep I began working my wet tongue into her now bare pussy.

As I licked at her pussy I played my tongue around her clit like I'd seen the men do in the porn flick I'd watched a year or so earlier. Suddenly her breathing changed and although she still seemed to be sleeping she turned face down in the bed beside me and slid one leg over my chest allowing me much better access to her now very moist pussy. I quickly returned my tongue to her pussy and pushed it as deep into her as it would go then withdrew it and tickled her clit with it for a few seconds then shoved it inside her again. I repeated this process over and over again.

Suddenly She moved and got stiff and moaned and I came in my underwear without ever touching myself. She was grunting and moaning and grabbed my head in her hands and ground her pussy against my face. When her orgasm was complete she released her grip on my head and slid her leg off my chest and scooted back to the top of the bed. I didn't know if she was awake or asleep so I waited a few minutes then tried to slip my fingers under her pantie leg again but she shoved my hands away.

A month or so later after her pushing me away time and time again I held her down and tore her panties off her and forced my dick inside her pussy cumming no more than thirty seconds after I broke through her hymen. Still I kept on fucking her and I felt her tension release and she started fucking back against me. It wasn't long til she had her shirt off and I was sucking on those bulbous nipples and she was having orgasm after orgasm.

I came in my sister four times that night and she had countless orgasms. We fell asleep in each others arms and slept hard. We missed the school bus the next day and mom was pissed. After that night my sister slept in my moms bedroom.

My sister and I never talked about those events ever and fourteen years later although she was married and I was divorced and living alone she called and ask if she could stop by and visit for a few minutes. I had had a couple of drinks when she arrived and after hugging her and offering her a drink, which she took, she started crying.

Her husband was cheating on her, which was hard to figure because she was a gorgeous woman. Ass finer than a frog hair and big fat titties, a small waist and beautiful legs. She looked a little like a blonde Sofia Loren, pouting full lips and all. I still fantasized about her while jacking off sometimes.

I held her trying to console her and she suddenly blurted out asking if I remembered bringing her to orgasm by eating her pussy that first night I tongue fucked her. Yes I remember but I thought you were asleep I replied looking straight into her eyes. I thought I was dreaming she said but I woke up when you moved my panties out of the way and pushed your tongue inside me. I had already started masturbating before that night but had never had an orgasm like that before she said.

The conversation was making my dick hard and I was very surprised when she told me that the night I tore her panties off and force fucked her was the best sex she'd ever had, then she dropped a bombshell! Will you fuck me now she ask, then added, I need to be taken and fucked hard and long? I need to be ravaged with unrelenting lust just like the night you took my cherry she said. You sure, I ask? Right now, she replied!

I took my sister by the hand and led her to my bed room and told her to take off her shoes.While she did this I removed all my clothes. When I turned to face her she put her hand to her mouth and mumbled " oh my God "! She was staring at my cock which had now grown to almost ten and a half inches and I couldn't touch the tips of my fingers around it.

You're sure about this I ask? My hard cock flopping and waving about as I stepped around the bed toward her. Yes, yes she said, I'm sure, oh yes I'm sure! With that i shoved her backwards onto the bed and straddled her waist. How bad do you want it I ask? Oh God, I want it bad she said! With that I grabbed the front of her blouse but she said, oh wait my clothes, and as I ripped the blouse from top to bottom I said, some of Maria's things are still here.

I pulled her upright to a sitting position and jerked the remnants of the blouse off, pulled the sports bra off her beautiful tits, surprised that her nipples were still bulbous and puffy. I held one breast in my hand and sucked the other swollen nipple into my mouth. What a wonderful taste my sister had.

Releasing her breasts I stood her up and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor. She was a Goddess standing there in only bikini panties with her long flowing blonde hair caressing her nipples.

I picked her up and tossed her onto the bed again straddling her waist and rocking forward I inched my hard cock closer to her lips. I had always fantasized about having my cock in her mouth. She watched intently as my cock came closer and closer and the closer it got the wider she opened her mouth. She could barely get more that the head of it in her mouth and her lips were really tight around it. She pulled it out of her mouth and ran her tongue under the foreskin and played circles around and around the head obviously loving what she was doing.

I pulled my cock from her grasp and lay on my back beside her and rolled her into an upright position ripping off her panties before sitting her on my chest. I lay there admiring the short blonde wiff of hair nestled just above the hood of her large protruding clit. Damn, I exclaimed! Just look how your clit has grown since the night I raped you! It is beautiful I said and I felt her shudder as I took it between my lips.

For quite awhile she sat on my chest gyrating her pussy against my mouth and I marveled at how easily she could reach an orgasm. She came over and over time and time again biting her lip and loudly moaning with her hands clenched into fists and gasping for breath while her pussy spasmed and flooded out her juices onto my tongue. I love you my beautiful brother she kept saying and added, I've always loved you and then added, please fuck me now.

I raised up to a sitting position with her sitting on my lap and took her face in my hands and kissed her more passionately than I'd ever kissed any woman and at that moment I realized that I was completely and uncontrollably in love with my own sister. I wanted her by my side always.

I rolled her off me onto her back and positioned myself over her and place my cock in her hand. She rubbed the head of it up and down her slit getting it slick with her juices then raising her hips to meet me she pushed the head against her entry and I gently pushed my cockhead into her. She gasped for a second before saying, more, then more, then more until she had all of it in her and we never lost eye contact.

I began slowly pushing in the full length of my cock and pulling out til the head was just outside her channel then pushed all the way in and all the way back out again. Faster she cried, faster, please fuck me harder. Yes, yes, yes, fuck me brother, fuck me brother, fuck me hard! She slammed up against me and locked her legs behind me holding my cock deep inside with her feet against my ass. I could feel the head of my dick pushing hard against her cervix as I flooded her pussy with my warm cum. We stayed locked together for a few moments and she released the lock she had on my body and kissed me long and hard all the while telling me that she loved me.

I rolled over off her and she turned facing away from me and pushed her backside up against me with her head on my arm. I awoke in the middle of the night to the feel of her stroking my cock to hardness and she rolled me onto my back and positioned my cock against her pussy once again and slowly sat down on it all the way til her pussy lips were gripping the base. She fucked me like someone deranged and again we came together. When she raised herself off me our cum mixed together poured out over my dick and balls and soaked the bed. Too exausted to get up we slept in it.

We showered together the next morning and fucked again under the water. After coffee and breakfast we took my truck to her place and gathered her personal things and she moved in with me. We are still together and although the sex isn't what it once was, the love is still strong for each other. We had to hide the passionate side of our union but have been like any other couple at home and in foreign countries on vacations. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have each other.

Over the years I had gotten into photography and was really good at it although it was just a hobby and being a peeping tom I had taken many pics of many, many women who were unaware they were being watched. I've peeked through windows and photographed my mother fucking my father and later my step father, my sister masturbating and fucking her first and second husbands and even my ex wife masturbating. I had my own darkroom and had thousands of pics on the wall.

Once she went into the darkroom when I wasn't home and discovered many of these pics and we shared many erotic conversations about my adventures as a peeping tom. She harbored no jealousy over them and was actually pleased to know that I had secretly captured her on film.