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2016-01-31 18:19:15 (UTC)

Random Assortment - January 2016

January 31, 2016 Sunday 5:19 PM

**Beta Carotene - Modest Mouse (still one of my favorites by them)

Nara - Alt-J (a Liv suggestion)

UNTITLED - Matt Corby (I always hit skip when my playlist gets to this)

Nobody, Not Even The Rain - La Dispute (reminds me)

Bitter and Sick - One Two

Get Out The Way - Mother Mother

Gasoline - Halsey (I don't even like this, I just wanted to give Halsey a try)

All My Friends - Dylan Kelley (pretty chill)

Secret Place - Hospital

**For No One - Houndmouth (I love this song)

**Indiana - Adrianne Lenker (also love this)

Whole Wide World - Bahamas (Caroline loves this song)

Ese Camino - Julieta Venegas

***Pulaski at Night - Andrew Bird (one of my favorites)

Borderline - The Shivers

Maybe, Baby - The Shivers

*********** Beyond This Moment - Patrick O'Hearn (this is just instrumental music but it makes me feel so nice, so nice, so sad)

**** Wallflower - Agnes Obel (same as the above one. Instrumental only, but creeepy and nice nice nice)

Bright - Stafraenn Hákon

If I Be Wrong - Wolf Larson (can't even remember what this sounds like)

Hell Is My Head - Blaenavon (I think I liked this)

Wait For Me - Motopony

*** A Nervous Tic Motion Of The Head To The Left - Andrew Bird (!!! I don't have words, it just makes me so happy)

Spare-Ohs - Andrew Bird

Heretics - Andrew Bird

Dark Matter - Andrew Bird

* Fake Palindromes - Andrew Bird

Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby (since I really love that movie)

Everyday - Carly Comando

Moonsea - Phildel (at first I liked this song but now it annoys me)

Don't Be Scared - Andrew Bird

Take Courage - Andrew Bird

** Leaky Breaks - Manchester Orchestra (sounds like Modest Mouse)

Walls - Emery

** Sharpen Your Teeth Album - Ugly Casanova (I highly recommend)

The Cold Part - Modest Mouse

* The Stars Are Projectors - Modest Mouse

Sunspots In The House of the Late Scapegoat - Modest Mouse (nice)

The Gravity Involved In Climbing - Modest Mouse (their Lo-fi days)

Race Car Grin - Modest Mouse

Digging Holes - Icarus Himself (found this song by accident)

*** Cat Faces - Ugly Casanova (description doesn't do it justice)

*** Barnacles - Ugly Casanova (see above)

They Devised a Plan To Fuck Forever - Ugly Casanova

Ice On The Sheets - Ugly Casanova

Lay Me Down - Ugly Casanova

*Strangers To Ourselves Album - Modest Mouse

Ansel - Modest Mouse (good)

Strangers To Ourselves - Modest Mouse (all wispy voices and stuff)

** Dirty Fingernails - Modest Mouse (love, love, love)

Bulldozers on High - Modest Mouse

Candy Blue - Modest Mouse

Instrumental - Modest Mouse

Here's To Now - Ugly Casanova

Some Things Last a Long Time (cover of Daniel Johnston) - Built To Spill (i like this, it fits me)

How Does It Feel? - Citizen (Liv suggestion yo)

The Summer - Citizen (Liiiiv again)

** Angry Sea - Mother Mother (I am a fan)

As Tall As Cliffs - Margot & The Nuclear So and So's

Salinger At The Cliff Face - Jon Senna (good)

Marvin's Room - Drake (Liv was so surprised that I went through a Drake and Kid Cudi phase in the way back when)

Old Friend - Sea Wolf

Still Flat - Built To Spill

Water - Dinosaur Jr. (why do I listen to so much 90's indie rock?)

Blue Veins - The Raconteurs (heard this on Peaky Blinders. Awesome)

Anonanimal - Andrew Bird

* When Not Being Stupid Is Not Enough - Built To Spill

Red Eyed and Blue - Wilco

*** Sunken Treasure - Wilco (! ! ! !)

Dragonfly - M. Craft

Elevate Me Later - Pavement (more 90's indie rock yayyy)

* Blindness - Metric

Be The Air We Breathe - Lewis & Clark (I guess I like it but whenever a new song comes on, I forget how it sounded at all)

Pearly - Radiohead

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