Essence and Facts of my Life
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2016-01-30 19:01:37 (UTC)


are u guys suffering from this pain. i am the one who just get a little bit touch of love air.
many of u know warmness and soul full ness in the love.
its the term which cant be express in words. but i'll try my best to wrote the perfection of life authentic lines came from my heart... directly on you...
love a feeling which keep on attaching attracting to somebody, it does not mean sexual leisure,,,,
love is spirituality,,, if we cant get love , if somebody deceive us ...than there are two path ways
1st is we get so close to Allah (God)
2nd is we keep on finding the same love on any terms and condition

love is hard sick.... in which u feel somebody ...
u start caring
u start bothering
u started long talks
u getting extra sens of possessiveness
u want to get him in a mint
u'll become impatient
u'll doubt n little things
u cant bear when anybody see them for long
because u love them u love him being a girl am so possessive if i had one :p

ufhhhh fed up while writing..

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