Experienced Life
2016-01-30 04:38:52 (UTC)

Finally got some sleep

Man!!! I finally got some peaceful sleep. No drama nightmares. Just sleep and maybe silly dreams. That's all I was asking for. Let hope for two nights in a row.

Work was good last week. Got a lot done. When drinking with some co-workers one night. My dart league is doing well. We've won three weeks in a row.

I bought more fishing stuff and can't wait to try out my new gear. I bought two sets of rods and reels. One for steelhead. It was cheap since I suck at steelhead fishing. I think it cost around 100 at most. My other set though is just a tad bit more. That rod and reel set cost me almost 500 bucks. lol. It cost almost as much as a beater car. Will it catch more fish for me? Nah, probably not.

The thing about fishing is not all about just fishing. Sometimes when I"m on my kayak with a fishing pole paddling around the lake or river, I am as close as I can feel to being in the most relaxing state I can feel. Sometimes I have headphones on listening to music. This is the time when my mind wonders around aimlessly and it's so dang relaxing. I think I'd feel this way even if I wasn't fishing. As long as I'm in the water on my kayak,then I'm happy.

I actually still have my touring kayak so I can still do that I guess but I gotta get my freaking 500 dollar fishing pole out to get wet. lol

Maybe I'll go out later today to fish after I help my friend move some of her stuff.

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