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2016-01-29 10:06:38 (UTC)

Invisble sounds perfect

Came home late yesterday i honestly didnt fuckin' care thou on Thursday. So when I got off the bus saw my him, it was so sweet it really was. We didnt talk long had get inside do some homework for English and review vocabulary for Env.Science(fast foward hours at 10:10am today)My professor gave us easy homework isnt bad but still dont want do it. So see am so screwed up, right bout now. So me and Him talk bout a good hour before he left for his lunch to fill me up with a good enough purpose to stay strong. Me and Rachele are taking again over twitter..Bits of me are getting irritable with her by saying dont over this like drinking to point of damage control. I know that but. Really need to escape where I am in this very fuckin moment of time. So I watched a new show its says lot of me w/o really say who am gonna be in a year or so. In English class, Mikey and I was sitting close again, I was suprised when Id saw her she told why she be missing day of class, so id just accepted it. Then she saw me and just lit up like smoke of weed. I didnt feel so lost again. So see am so fucked up in my head. See you later in next mid-month, if dont think of cutting again (need to get cutting blades) first thou. Update you guys when I can.