always wth love

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2016-01-28 10:20:58 (UTC)

anti okay?

So no suprised that before id left the campus, same old question came up? I wasnt suprised, kinda annoyed from it. Additional question bout my neighbor and I...Gave her answer and she still wanted more so I gave up. Some questions has been answered to what i wanted to find out. Before my very first class it was canceled, professor for envornment science. So have about hour to kill so am Happy. So over twitter talk my gurl that makes more alive in life Rachele, I miss her heavy do. Shes knows me more then church gurl(Vivian).Anyway Mickey and I sitting together alot now, I hope i dont fall in love with her again, like last year.It put in an awkward spot...So fingers crosed on that. We planned pass classes together this time around. We have two classes.
Yesterday evening like three in the afternoon heard New Single "Work" Rihanna ft Drake, on the radio. Less then 24hrs had dropped "Anti"...