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2016-01-27 10:03:48 (UTC)

unexpected blackout

Need to write this out! before I fuckin burst out, theres not a good enough reason to say so. I woke up around 2 something to go pee, it felt better. Then it was 3 something then got more sleep bout 4:30 wasnt hungry after my stomach hurt so much. (This all before getting dressed for only one class today) So see it was so strange to feel this early in the dark. You could say its nerves but I dont really see how thou. Youre probably thinking its Him got think bout that before assuming so. My head hurts times billion as ever. So I dont think its Him you know why? Its not, He doesnt distracted me at all. He makes me smile. I love it. I often fear that I'm stuck who give most of me. I think of my neighbor in naughty ways that would be exposed what I really want to become real.I'm very torn apart who give most of me. The difference is knowing Him for four years now from the neighbor four months as well so see am so TORN.
I count less who I was at seventeen but am always thinking am gonna screw up so how, I might pull something unexpected like cutting. Im only twenty-one but am so stuck what I want only thing most is be a pregnant. I got things in the way right now, I want move to another state right now!, and get an Iphone 6s. Im still trying finish my first degree.I feel like a B's & H's.(Btiches and Hoes) Today. I look around and all see people going in and out places that look pure and flawless. I look at where I am, and see nothing has changed. I still want get a tattoo on my wrist on my right arm. I want booze right now to fill me up strange emotions.Im open to having pills to stop feeling strange emotions. Am I depressed is the next question you might ask me? Aren't so sure. Can you tell in my tone am not so sure. See am stuck. See you, in months.