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2016-01-27 07:29:06 (UTC)

The Man of My Dreams.

9 PM

I went for a run with the man of my dreams, Victor H Martin. The many milestones in his life are breathtaking- he holds the one mile record for Calexico High School being 4 minutes and 29 seconds (the record hasn't been broken for 3 years). Not to mention that Victor also earned the Bill Gates scholarship, has a 4.0 GPA, and he's part of the UCLA soccer team. He's an outgoing and intelligent young man that has the qualities of the type of man I wish to met when I attend a University. I admire his hardworking ethnic. Victor's the full package!

It felt marvelous to run two 6 minute miles by his side at the track field. The track is a gorgeous bright blue that I low key envy; I wish our High School campus had a track... We talked about how we're both highly curious in studying abroad. He's going to be studying at sea this Summer! I'm happy for him and I have high hopes that I'll be living a similar lifestyle like him someday.

~Yours Truly,