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2016-01-25 06:31:52 (UTC)

First College Party

01-09-16 10:30 AM.

I thought college parties were like in the movies. Beautiful houses overcrowded with people, red cups everywhere, and an ideal place for a perfect one night stand. Although, all of that is true there's more to it than movies like, "The Hangover". I had a chance to experience a college party myself.

While we enjoyed our first long day at Los Angeles, things only got better as nighttime approached. Joanna invited us to a fraternity party at UCLA. We got dolled up and were excited to party! As soon as Kim, Alejandro, Humberto, Gabriel and I entered the large two story house we were awe struck by dozens of new faces. Too many drunk and high people pact together in one room. The low lighted room reeked of a unique rotten fish scent that came from forgetting to put on deodorant. The music blasted on the speakers and I couldn't hear my own thoughts. We nearly yelled at the stop of our lungs to hear a word anyone said. We all sat down in a cornered table and began to drink. Joanna and Kim took four consecutive shots in a row, meanwhile the rest of us drank shots slowly as if we were drinking hot tea. Joanna's fear was that a thirty year old man would try to flirt with one of the girls. So we kept our guards up at our top drunk ability.

It was 3 AM and we all agreed that it was time for us to go back to the dorms. After all it was a school night and we had to attend classes tomorrow. I had six hours of recovery sleep and when I awoke I reflected on everything that happened at my first college party. In many ways it was just how the movies portray it. Only movies don't describe the lack of hygiene drunk people have, close ups on vomit, cheap shots of booze, or the cold reality is that the only thing that makes college parties cool is the caption of 'college' in front of party. It was fun while it lasted but being entirely honest, a migraine and walk of shame that comes after one of these frenzy's isn't exactly anything to be proud of.

~Yours Truly,