always wth love

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2016-01-22 10:53:56 (UTC)

Anyway Back

By suprised.
I woke up w/o headaches today, class just started this wednesday.
Me and Him talk a bit yesterday sadly I was a bit late but only by three mintues not to bad thou. Second class on the day English. He welcomed me back I was full of smiles on my face. I was lauughing cause he missed me so much. He knows bout my neighbor and I are getting close its good.
He respects that, we understand each other well. Four years of friendship :) A few mintues ago we talk bout us in one place at the same time and ever leaving each other. We are comfortable and very flirtation at that this point. When I go done there, I probably wont leave....
I love when he flirts to me, what he calls me "hun, babe" I love it honestly do.
Me and vivian are back to normal. See you another month or so. Happy New year everybody.
“It’s not life or death, the labyrinth.”