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2016-01-22 07:33:39 (UTC)

Welcome to Los Angeles!

01-08-16 Friday, 1:06 AM
Prologue: A wise monk once said, "It's better late than never..."

Greetings from UCLA, I'm on a getaway trip for 3 days! Two weeks ago, I applied for the SIVB trip that's offered once a year. All I had to do was complete a short application and type two brief paragraphs (No 5 paragraph essay for this one). I am one of the six chosen juniors who were accepted.

Now, I'm at the dorms with a college student named Angela Lisa Yip. She's a social butterfly with porcelain skin. Chinese to the bone, yet her hometown is San Francisco. I'm grateful that Angela has welcomed us into her dorm.

I also have a fair amount of appreciation for Fernanda Coronal, because she gave me a ride. Without that, I wouldn't have been able to attend. My overly protective grandmother wouldn't allow me to take the bus. So there I was in the car with Alejandro Corral, Kimberly Kilps, and Fernanda Coronal. The four hour trip passed by slowly and we enjoyed each second away from our own town. We met our various host, unpacked, ate at the dining haul, and went into the gaming room. It was fun playing Ping Pong for the first time!

~Yours Truly,