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2016-01-20 13:57:35 (UTC)

2nd day !

Day 2
Shantell is one strong girl she's been through so much soo here it goes !
She was a young girl having fun enjoy life going to school she loved school once always wanted to be in school she loved the shows she loved the entertainment then out of nowhere she decides to not go to school anymore .. why? I'll tell you why .. because she felt as if something bad was going to happen well she knew something bad was going to happen so before she stopped going to school she noticed that her teacher 35 year old male that he started giving candy out to the girls in her class only when the boys tried to ask for candy & he would yell at them & tell them no ! So on Halloween day shantellcruz139 & her class decides a class Halloween party! So he started sending the girl to the closet to change there clothes but before shantell & her ex bestfriend could change there clothes they noticed a camera lense in the wall because the wall had a hole & we just put our customs over our clothes just to be safe but that didn't work shantell decides to stop going to school & everyone fights with her argues with her say mean things to her she was bullied in school as well .. but she stopped going & when her mom got her in the school 3 teachers were on her she scratched one teacher & her teacher hit her head on the school floor in front of the whole class & she tried to leave as fast as she can't because that teacher molested her 😞 but she didn't know how to tell anyone she was afraid scared & terrified she was young she didn't know what was the right thing to do she thought that if she told anyone he would do it again. She got hit everyday but not by her mom it was her dad. So many people think she's this perfect girl but honestly she's just as human as everyone else. Now it like she can't be herself because she's afraid of people judging her. But after that her mom found out he was in jail & fell into an Accoma ! Then passed away .. so then they still passed her to the 5th grade ! (Skipping 6, 7, & 8th grade) she made it to high school perfectly fine so she's a freshman in warren harding high school & the teacher was racist & she didn't like shantell so she failed her in every class & when shantell mom went to the school the teacher try to lie about failing me because she didn't like her. Then at the end of the year summer came & she enjoyed until... (To Be Continued) ...