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2016-01-20 06:36:35 (UTC)

, My life to help others kinda diary !

Hi , this diary is going to be about a girl name shantell Cruz she is 18 years old young american teenager, has a 1 year old daughter you will find out little by little to how she ended up a mother at such a young age. she wouldn't mind because she would love for other to hear about her story because it may help others think twice before doing something they are going to regret ! Yes she is a very nice person she's palite & also she has an amazing personality she's been so positive about herself lately she's been staying so strong not only for her but also for her baby girl the one that has her with a bright smile, but only going to say this much for tonight but there is plenty more coming stay tuned I'm sure you'll be interested in finding out how strong she stood after all she's been through !
Love , Your personal diary writer ! ❤

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