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me and my life
2016-01-18 16:51:01 (UTC)

Interw mess..

Interviews are always boring n fucking things really. just sell urself to company, hey ask u stupid questions n u try to present urself grill urself n at the end they judge ur 25yrs of education on 2 page cv and work huh damn it...
HUL was good but couldnt go thru..
no more interviews for this month i dont want to fetch less yaar so trapped...
yest did shopping.
have to save money for bdy treats.
i am missing love in life. i miss d cudles kisses shud not actually but i do. i shud stop..
anyways i am left with 6500 n have whole month to go with treats n all.
life is difficult...
spcly wen u earn peanuts