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2016-01-16 20:52:03 (UTC)


I've arrived at that place. Well, almost, let's say. The thoughts that I'd put away in my mind, kept from fully forming and becoming tangible have grown arms and legs. Thoughts I once shook off the direct line of my mind's vision, and this time they're here for a long stay. well, until I deal with them tangibly and not in the privacy and safety of my own headspace. Charles Morgan is his name. He happens to be my boyfriend. whatever that word even means. And I've thought about that a lot. What even does that word mean? With that term or label comes, we assume, a set of guidelines - fundamentals which we all abide by. Most basic of these being - and for the purpose of my mind vomit, since much of it is related - is fidelity. Loyalty. honesty. truth... . So being in a relationship, it is reasonable - no, expected - to expect your boyfriend or girlfriend to not engage in 'inappropriate interactions' with another. And later on, we can get granular about what this - inappropriate interactions - really means. But on the other hand they say that every relationship is different and you must treat each relationship individually. True, but like with everything, in order to derive meaning out of the observations or analyses you make, you must have a widely accepted benchmark with which to comare itcan expect If they say every relationship is...