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2016-01-12 01:59:18 (UTC)

I recently returned from a 3 week trip to..

I recently returned from a 3 week trip to Nigeria, for Christmas. On saturday evening I sat in the UCL library regaling my friend with stories of my trip this new hungry eye with which I now viewed our country and the things I'd noticed had changed since my last visit in 2011. We both agreed that the one thing that had changed or rather was changing was the accents. there seemed to be a linear progression towards this ideal of a british accent, seeing men and women in the public eye, both young and old speak in this affected unnatural way. Had these people lived abroad for the length of time that one would normally have to live abroad in order to 'contract' the dominant accent, then really this would not be a surprise. But most of these people have either never been abroad, or if they have certainly not for the length of time that might see them develop the local accent. We both agreed that this was rampant in Nollywood films particularly around representations of wealth and status.

My friend, also a Nigerian draws my attention to youtube personality and... 'ikaka'. I watch a

He and I sat watching entry after entry, regularly pausing to express irritation and debate where this trend - if it can be called that - has come from. Without having read a shelf load of critical anthropology in media theory, I am going to make the following speculation: