2016-01-10 17:09:41 (UTC)

About me

sup... okey so as you guys are gonna read my shit I probably should tell you some stuff about myself:
1. My actual name is elena, I have 4 siblings and my family is dope
2. My best friends are extremely weird... Vivi is one of them and she and I are kind of the cool kids of our grade kind of, my other best friends are Piter and Alex, yup they are some shitty guys, but I love them so damn much
3. I absolutely love music and eating and playing rugby, yes you read it well, I PLAY RUGBY!!
4. I live in Madrid [Spain]
5. I have a dog called moe and everyone seems to like him but I don't really don´t see what there is to like in that shitty little french bulldog he just eats, barks and sleeps all fucking day long
6. I basically sit with the computer all day on sundays
okey see you guys later :))

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