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Caro Nonno
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2016-01-02 19:58:10 (UTC)

Heaven or Hell

Caro Nonno,

One of the guys that I've been chatting with came online last night, hadn't seen him in quite a few months. He said he was in an accident and might be another 3 to 6 months of recovery, that sucks. Part of me wonders if he's using this or making it up as an excuse not to meet. I've been chatting with this particular person going on two years and there's always an excuse not to speak by phone or meet up. I've seen too many "catfish" to know that not is all as it seems online. I've no expectations at all so at best it's just someone to chat with.

I used to think that where I lived was the worst thing possible, hell. I now know that most think it is heaven so I guess it's all comparative. As I get older I appreciate it more and more but the young are foolish and are never happy with what they have in the moment. As places go it's probably one of the most desirable places to live but we don't see that as kids. I am learning to be happy in Heaven or Hell because obviously they are the same place.

We are half way out of the dark, the days are now getting longer. It has been soooooo cold here with the wind making it almost unbearable. I'm surprised that our power has not gone out, our sub stations or transformers must have been replaced. Our power was sure to go out 3 or 4 times a year and now it almost never does. Took down all the Christmas decorations today and the tree, I liked it better with them up. I think I'd do really well living at the North Pole with Santa :) Not sure I would consider that heaven or eventually hell.

So you think you can tell the difference between heaven and hell, ha.

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