Live my life♥

me and my life
2016-01-02 16:04:46 (UTC)

life life life...

Life is really cruel on me n my family, my loved ones mym sis n mom. I hadly remind any event when we are like we are truly blessed or lucky ppl. Strive strive and no good result. Only struggling... no fun in life den to live. you should get fruitful result. this is not just with me but mom n sis too. i am realy upset to see mom n sis upset. there is actully no reason for us to b happy abt expect us, n normal life. it had hardly happened that i have done somthing and so satisfied with it or got good result. y so? is it like we all three has same bad destiny n bad time? then wats the fun of playing this game called life?? when u knw that we r gonna be loser everytime. temme? really pareshan abt it. god pls help us let mys sis be happy always, let b my mom fine and let ur shadow me on me.

tom ill speak abt my schedule.
tom ill have to go to homeopathy doc, will bake cake.