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Caro Nonno
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2016-01-01 11:29:09 (UTC)

The Twilight Zone or Real Life

Caro Nonno,

I've switched to The Twilight Zone now, much better option than Friends. It's kind of a tradition with me to watch TTZ on New Years Day, thank God for Netflix. I often wonder if I'm in a Twilight Zone myself, I am living with my 80 something mom with my two sons and brother and soon a friend of my younger sons. I am here by choice so that I can take care of things personally and financially, helping out sons with college mostly. My room is currently the one I had growing up, sometimes it feels like a step backwards but I now know that taking a step backwards is necessary so I can run forward when I'm ready.

It's like the story about a town in Switzerland a long time ago. This town was high in the mountains and at the time there was not a train that was powerful enough to make the trip. The town still built the train tracks though because they knew that one day there would be a powerful enough train to make the trip. I am laying my "tracks" because one day I know I will be a powerful enough "train" to make the "trip". So here I am...laying down tracks.

I think I've become too comfortable and set in my ways in this lifetime. I have decided to do things on a regular basis that are scary or uncomfortable to me but not to the point of being foolish or dangerous. I'm still formulating the list in my mind of what these "things" are .....such as hmmmmm well I'll contemplate this and write about them later. Day one of the new year and the winds of change are blowing, literally and figuratively. I'm surprised our power has not gone out yet with the high winds we are having here.

The Twilight Zone or Real Life...whatever it is I like it.