Lady Me

Caro Nonno
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2015-12-31 20:24:24 (UTC)

New beginning or just another day

Caro Nonno,

December 31st 7:25pm 2015...soon to be 2016. All of the shows that I watch on Netflix and Hulu are on hiatus so I am forced to watch episodes of Friends which I think I've seen before but not sure. It's odd to watch old programs and then see an interview with the actors of today, some do not age well. Just saw an interview with Mark Hamill and ahhhh I can't remember her name but she played Prince Leah, oh right, Carrie Fisher. Man they did not age well at all. The only person from those movies who did is Warwick Davis but then again you never saw him cause he was in an Ewok suit.

While watching "Friends" I am also on a singles chatroom and writing this entry, multi tasking is when I do my best work. I guess singles chatroom gave it away, I am single although a lot of people on there are married or with someone but they go there to get their kicks. Some are rude and crude, those I ignore. Most of the time I chat with a few regulars, some say they want to meet but so far we've not made any moves that way. I doubt anything will come of it but who knows.

Less than five hours to the new year...I just realized that my title is correct, it is a new beginning and just another day. I'm ready for bed.

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