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2015-12-30 16:19:54 (UTC)

No new year plan!!!!

Yeah No New Year Plan..... :(
I have no fucking plan for this new year OMG start is only gonna be so fucking boring n depressing means u can imagine how will be 2016 for me ;( but actually it doesn't matter coz its just new calendar year not new life :/ isn't it? its just one reason to celebrate nothing much huh.. still :( anyways.. my ofice is also sad no fun nothing. i dont have much work in office des days.. n i know hoe i am pushing the days.. i hope i get good job especially where ill get sat n sun off actualy everthing will matter for me job profile, location, salary and off phew its hard i knw but i hope ill get it soon n also to my sis.
anyways nothing much to tak abt.
cya jindagi jhadwa then kya new year n kya celebration... lol