A lady in the crowd
2015-12-28 07:18:44 (UTC)

Gateway To Hell.

We all knew how it was going to end. An unforgiving finale better known as our destiny. None of us could escape Hell but God knows we sure tried. Covering the sun with his thumb was simple. For thirty years Myers lived a lie. By burying the hatchet of murder six feet deep he truly believed the truth was left behind... Sometimes justice has a strange way of serving it's final verdict. Audrey Mikhail's justice wasn't the discovery of her decapitated body. As a matter of fact, Mikhail's case was never brought to the courtroom.

Her murderer an intelligent neurologist, Dr. Myers, diagnosed himself as a psychopath by the time he graduated Sierra High School. At seventeen he knew his life purpose was to chop em all up into tiny pieces; then spread the pieces throughout the outskirts of Minneapolis. His killing for sport was an impossible puzzle policemen were determined to solve. Dr Myers was always one step ahead; he cheated. The puzzle was missing its most precious gemstone- the skin. Chosen woman like Audrey Mikhail with snow white skin as soft as a baby's ass deserved a tragic ending. She was a pretty woman who Myers saw as his ideal prey.

The moment Dr. Myers died he answered mankind's ultimate question. "What's on the other side?" Heaven didn't exist for people like him, neither did the limbo. As expected, he was trapped in hell for eternity. Not the burning hell you'd expect like "Sinners in the hand of an angry God" by Jonathan Edwards, but his own customized version of hell. For the thought of Audrey Mikhail getting away from the Myers's grip was his gateway to hell. Over and over again Snow White escaped from the touch of evil.

~Yours Truly,