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2015-12-28 01:02:28 (UTC)

Thank God For Friends

I have a lot of failures in my life. Somehow someway, I seem to have a lot of friends. So grateful for them. They keep me going when times are not so good. One of my friends set up a surprise dinner for me in mid Dec. She invited all the peeps from the group I hang with. All of them women :) lol Pretty funny but she was just trying to cheer me up.

Then for Christmas eve, I was invited to her Mom's place and got to hang out again with family. That too was nice. My kiddos are still in Nevada so I'm all alone in this house. I'm sure I was maybe going to feel a little sorry for myself even though I'm so jaded nowadays.

Christmas day, we went to watch Star Wars. Don't know what the hoopla is about this but getting out and having fun with friends is always a fun thing. Oh and they server alcohol in the theatre so hell yeah!!! I'm all for that.

Today, I got asked to come to a New Years Eve get together. This is the other friend that I have. We think alike. Last summer, she got drunk and didn't want to throw up in her tent. She asked me to watch over her so I did. That's when she ended up kissing me and we just had a little fun. Nothing past just kissing and maybe grabbing some boobs for a little bit but I was mostly just keeping the vomit bag close to her all night making sure she didn't puke and she didn't.

I said I'd like to come but I know I'd be drinking so I have to set up my ride. "Maybe Uber" I said. She said(texted really) that she has a mattress, sleeping back and I could stay over. Then she remembered what happened and before I could reply, she wittingly said to "shut up". lol. Because our little innocent kissing was in a sleeping bag on a mattress at camp last summer.

Also go invited to a wedding. This is again with the group I hang with and only a select few can go. Not sure how I got invited because they aren't too close to me. I think it's because I'm really close to other peeps that are going. They must've asked for me to come.

So yeah, I got great friends always keeping an eye on me. No clue why they like me but I won't ask. I'll just enjoy their company. Very grateful that I can do some things right. Friends sure are great to have. You don't even need to talk to them each and every day but they like you just as much as if you see them everyday. If only I could do that with my love life. Actually, if only I had a love life. lol

That's all I got for now Diary. Thanks for being there. I know there isn't a person on the other end but it's just nice to be able to vent or express myself all these years. This is one thing that I must say is good therapy. Till next time :)