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2015-12-27 18:09:17 (UTC)

new year is ahead

New year is ahead and i have no special plan, special tho dur ki baat hai plan hi nai hai. so boringgg...
i wanna take mom for dinner but wer?? nothing is decided
this was good attended utu's wedding, had event on sunday, and ok it was. I am desperately looking for new job. i hope i get one very soon.
nothing else have to buy new phone, got to go to homeopathy doc, also mom's body checkup many things are lined up for coming month.
i have no resolutions but target set for myself "A CAR" have to buy car in 2016 by hook or by crook. i hope new year brings good things to me n my loved one specially my darling Sista n mom.
First thing on list to change is THIS FUCKING JOB.. bloody fucking frustrating job..
olrite dont wanna think this all.
cya gnsdzzzzz

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