A lady in the crowd
2015-12-26 06:29:20 (UTC)

Miracles Do Happen.

"This is the final episode I'm watching!" ...One season of American Horror story later. The clock read 5:15 AM. I've eaten en entire box of pepperoni pizza and I drank three cans of Dr Pepper. The next thing I knew everything went pitch black; I had fallen into a deep slumber. Hours later I woke up as I loudly yawned. Puzzled with confusion at what time or day it was, I turned on my phone. 6:15 PM.
"Shit!" I muttered under my breath. It's Monday afternoon and final exams are tomorrow. Only during times of crisis like this, did motivation move me. Being struck by sudden enthusiasm, like Leonardo Da Vinci, I felt inspired. The fantasy of maintaining straight A's seemed like mission impossible. Cramming everything in at once, I read the Scarlet Letter, wrote three essays, skimmed through my U.S history textbook, and read several units of AP Psychology. I thereby crown Anne Flores queen of procrastination!
"I'm ready," I said at my best attempt to comfort myself.

I don't have any idea how my fantasy became a reality. I aced all of my exams! The only class in jeopardy was AP Psychology. I knew I pressed my luck by cramming. I had a 90.2% in the course and it would most likely notch down to an 88%. When the opposite of what I expected occurred my mouth hung open from utter shock. "Miracles do happen! I scored a 5/5!" I said feeling as if a cure for cancer was just discovered.

Realistically speaking, I'm well aware that this cramming session will most likely happen again for second semester. Yet I have high hopes that my New Years resolution will succeed.
One word: Focus.
Note to self: Space your study sessions and don't wait until the last second.

~Yours Truly,