A lady in the crowd
2015-12-24 06:15:13 (UTC)

Dreams of Horror.

A glimpse into my dreams is like taking a wrong turn that eventually leads to a dead end. Except instead of doing a u-turn and going back on your merry way, you're trapped in a nightmare. Like a never stopping Ferris wheel; but don't weep child you should be happy that forever has no end. Time passes slowly in this madhouse and no matter what you do, you will always wind up in the exact spot where you started. How long have you been here? Days, weeks, months, or possibly years...

Only these nightmares are a bittersweet paradox of confusion. I wake up either startled by my own screams or soaked in layers sweat. This routine happens almost every night. As much as I try to prepare myself there are certain distorted images I can never be ready for. No matter how much someone's convinced they're 'prepared' for a zombie apocalypse, they never prepare for the loss of a loved one. Add a pinch of starvation and loneliness, it'll be enough for anyone to lose their marbles.

This torment is enough to make a person with a strong stomach vomit from utter disgust. At first, my dark humor was mildly entertaining; until the nightmares made my sleep perish. It's as if these nightmares are embryo stories that are waiting to be born.

~Yours Truly,