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2015-12-17 11:17:10 (UTC)

Times up?

Cant you believe am still staying on my two feet, probably not soo much. In four or five years ago, but am getting to point to handle myself well enough. So a flood thing rush in my mind, over this whole damn week....I found out many things I don't like face. Its comes down to "change" Ive always had problem, sounds very stupid does it. Now that I say it out loud...Its So silly, isnt it.
Over the three days (of this week) church gurl has texting so much, shes trying get closer but idk if i can go there?Again...Wow, its been bout' a month me and my neighbor are talkin' almost everyday. Its going good so far...So its now me and Him taling bout 2 hrs....also another vivian online off and on for so many years....
I dont know if I will be back in the new year....