always wth love

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2015-12-16 11:33:21 (UTC)

didnt see it coming...didnt the get that freedom

So walking to my Final about 5 or 6 minutes late.Older sister calls me by my name? but I dont really know what to really say. So I say tomorrow only because that's all I have to say. So I tried focusing but really nothing came to distracted so but the "damn door" opening and closing every few minutes it took awhile to release the tensions. So am done with the Final for today.(Id asked my professor when will she post our final grades into two or three weeks, so the waiting begins)...I got the "okay" to finish the math Final exam, from my professor go back to same place (as for yesterday). I didnt get say 'bye' to old crush Tatti but I hopefully making through into the next semester...Fingers crossed.
(tomorrow)Later meet up with older sister, to tell 'her' what truly feel bout' her so wish me luck...Still havent seen her other sister yet?
Its now 12pm, where I am so i have bout' 30 good minutes to myself until my ride comes.
(my thoughts in my heads)
I found out in myself, I want leave where been living in this state. I want be wth Him soo much more than ever.But am so disappointment how I wont be able to get there?? (to go see Him and my homie girl, she lives in Texas (now)I've been over there but itd been awhile since last time). In was wavering the options last night after talking to homie girl Alisha...Thinking out loud college is very hard for me "You can always can get a job?"and that's very true I'm eligible to get one. i just dont see it in my future quite yet? Is that really bad to say. Probably so. Hope tomorrow is better for me really hoping and begging it will be. (stopped praying it just happens)