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2015-12-16 09:26:10 (UTC)

Called Homie girl

Yesterday was very VERY Bad!!!:( it started Monday really suddenly late afternoon.I felt sick, nausea really. thou.I was ignoring the signs again and came so i was completely unable to walk by 9am (where I was trying focus(with my girl kik) not on the fuckn pain before Final exam). I felt so fucking irritable again...Id took something took bout' an hour.
So later id called my girl Alisha on my house phone an good hour in half or so it was quite amazing.She had update with new job "Subway" and a promotion....She made me LoL and told not be a gruch for the holidays....It had started binge watching 7-9pm and bout' two mintues.... that only keep me going....a rush many unexplained answers And questions...didnt go bed until9:31pm couldnt sleep at all...Hes feeling better am very grateful for that..I woke up at 4-4:30am today.See u tmw gotta rush for my Final...