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2015-12-14 09:27:30 (UTC)

obstacles & exams

Last night it pouring heavy it really came down, I couldnt sleep again. Where I sleep in my room is near the windows sometimes its good others times not so much. Then fallen sleep without rush of the rainy clouds on my windows somehow this time around...
This morning woke 4am three times before 4:30a, then got up and triedd walk but knee is still in pain. :( Then id studied some more while binge watching "kardashaians"this morning. on math....
Totally forget to tell you guys, saw the older sister (last week)and it felt so weird cause, I've feels for her and and honestly... She remind me of ex-Stacey that told you so many times years ago. So id called her on her cell but went straight to voicemail. I hope i see her soon cause its kinda important.
Checked my college website, got an "B" on my last paper, I wish it was an A thou really need thou.Still at an C- in communication class...
am studying right now! for the exam on Wednesday...Wish me luck! Tomorrow meeting up with classmate before first exam of this week.Its math first off. Okay that's all I got that.
Hes not on that today, I hope that hes feeling better. I will update on Wednesday. (If I can)
So need to get a job so I can download what i really want on my phone. first Instagram. then kik app, twitter and whatever next.
So yeah I really need a job. To buy own phone.
Wish me luck on my Exams this week.Oh yeah, Royalty Breezy new album drops this Friday....
See you guys later.