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2015-12-14 08:38:56 (UTC)

weekend post

On Friday saw Miley Cyrus BB Talk video it was cute... (oh yeah id called it off,who knows maybe this Friday)
So id another busy weekend again, this time just wanted stay home and studied all damn weekend but didn't not completely. On Saturday id wake up more towards 6am in order to go somewhere with my siblings and his mom...So id studied in the car all way down where suppose to go, that so lead to a big mall where it looks like a maze with million people coming from many directions, it was uncomfortable for me only because my left knee hurts when walking on it.
Then came home an hour ago to clean the house, I wasnt happy at all cause still needed to really studied some more but, I did what I was told.... Then texted my neighbor for 3 hours then it was good break.
Last night on Sunday, i finally got some real sleep didn't wake up 7:48 its been so long id slept in. It felt so good. But didn't feel well, my left knee still hurts...So tired hurry up but could barely walk.So id oatmeal for breakfast to cure the a small cold that was appearing in my system.Then studied some more for my final on Tuesday, then text my neighbor some more hours then the other day.
*oh yeah*I thought of Him heavy on Saturday and Sunday. Also had on mind cutting and depression