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2015-12-13 06:53:37 (UTC)

sudden drop n rise

I came to know the true Value of Sunday now, when i have to wait for Sunday to come. And the wait is killing. Its really boring to work for 6 days especially on Saturday. i just cannot digest this. i have to look some other job soon as soon as i finish 6 months in the current company, reasons are many like no public holiday, Saturday working, and also there is no job security as they terminate anyone whenever they want. PATHETIC!!

I was all cheered up until I saw one of college girl and friend of pranay starring in on of marathi movie may b not lead still, my heart aches because it was my dream to become an actress and seeing someone has become makes me upset. I tired, Struggled but couldn't make it, mom also wished same for me and she still but i beleive its isn't in my destiny. I have to continue with being an employee :( I feel terrible. Still situation now in my life is stable it isn't all good but I observed i do not crib that much as i use to. after Rajasthan trip success i have gained little positivity as in my plans do work. Next aim is for car then be it new or second hand. New job which can give me job security and good salary as well.
About my sis she is still struggling with her job hunt. she is little stressed about all this. I know everthing will fall in right place with time. I feel bad for mom as she is always stressed about us and also upset about our slow progress and no good life as in in career and all.
our spinster party plan cancelled as vinu's grandfather is dead.
Today's plan is to rest then meet ash in the evening
Recently i had gotten an opportunity to interview for Dubai job offer and mom is not comfortable as i have to travel there alone. Anyways,...

this is much for now...
cya soon with some good news hopefully...