Diary of Naomi
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2015-12-13 03:20:11 (UTC)

2015 so far

It´s been forever, I swear.

Plenty of things have happened, both good and bad. Granny passed away on August. (man, I still can´t believe it). Also, it´s been a year and 3 months since I joined college (I´m studying medicine). Well that´s pretty much it.

I wish I was this person that can look back to what they did this year, and past years, and think "I´m proud of myself".
Nope, it ain´t me.

I´m so embarrased of my 13-year-old self I had to delete facebook (the app, not the actual account). Man, I was the childest person ever, I swear. I can´t even look Alright, I get it, I was only 13, but maaaaan: It´s like my keyboard was broken and everything I typed was written in some other language. But enough of facebook, back to me. I used to be so dramatic, like... Gosh, wtf. I´m so embarrased and so so sorry to everyone who got to meet me back then.

But now, let´s please focus on my 18-year-old self (and it´s not like I feel any different), but I AM different, you know? I don´t get pissed off so easily (as I used to), I´m waaaay nicer, I´m like the coolest person ever *zips on starbucks as she whips her hair* and I´m doing my best trying not to be shy and getting out of my comfort zone (it made people think I was cocky, which I AM NOT thanks.)

2015 has THE year. Nope, I haven´t gotten a boyfriend (yet, you never know), and nope, I haven´t won the lottery (yet, never say never); but this year has taught me many things:

*Stay by nice people´s side
*Surround yourself with others whose peronality is just like yours (don´t pretend to be someone you´re not)
*Treat yourself the way you´d wanna be treated
*Don´t get too attached to people
*Don´t try to maintain communication with someone who doesn´t care about keeping a friendship (or maybe they´re just too busy, if it´s so please keep contacting them)

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