always wth love

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2015-12-11 08:56:18 (UTC)


So when I was home for some hours I thought alot about Him. So I took a long shower up to 6:36pm. I was very anxious and irritable again, I dont know why?, thou. It might have to from the Finals are next week. I studying everyday for so many hours until I feel more ready then previous times before the latest exam. I am not so sure thou...
I'm talking my friend Makayla right now, she took her finals this week, however she asked if am ready for mine.Am very anxious. We are talking, am surprised hes even on at all today.
(last night) It took so long fall alseep only because the memories in the past months. I woke up at 11:46pm dont why thou.It was very strange...Meanwhile within this morning today I woke up at 4am several times parts of me didnt want leave my bed and others didnt want do just damn "nothing". So its a go to hang with my neighbor very anxious its going be different Friday then the rest.
Flood memories....
So I read another person on here. I follow it, as she does mine. I think? but am totally shaking an away from it all. I felt every word from it the entry. I dont know, if was reminding me of high school at nineteen at the time.It was very dramatic year of that, it never got that far, yet? However I was very close to that point. I never gotten cutter blades but thought about it.(see what mean by that). I hope you seen that, am not so perfect. Im just not, even that girl.