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2015-12-10 12:22:42 (UTC)

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Gosh went class it was good id gone cause she gave a full run down whats going be our final! in math. She said am very close to an D and C. So already gotten addend points in that.within class assignment....Im still anxious thou. (after class rushed here go back to post)Hes on wth me but (He was very a bad cold/sinus infection.)that's Y he hasnt been on. We spoke for while am glad he was on for a bit. I felt soo much better. He wish good luck on my finals, and told him bout my neighbor who i am hanging wth tmw.... it was a small group of people thatd shown up today, on our last day there as a normal class.Even thou he wasnt feeling so great, he filled me soo much love runnin' in my blood again; its been a too felt so good. See you tmw.