always wth love

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2015-12-10 09:24:12 (UTC)

dead week day4

I woke up, today several times only darn alarm clock that went off about 5 different times, in that i only woke up bout once wth *my eyes open* at 3:12ish I think? gone back to sleep get some more energy.( it wasn't mine clock who had gone off it was my sis friend aunty clock, fuckin' Noisey shit!....)By the 4:31am i was just pissed and irritated from the damn alarm!, just rush to get ready for my final day in math...I thought of Him again last nite its been awhile since we spoke am missing so MUCH :( I miss how he flirts with me. Tomorrow is Friday , i hope hes online tomorrow and even later on today, I will be able to feel safe,even thou we are so far away...
Im gonna hanging wth my neighbor wish me luck, i never thought i will be doing this on my own but I am. Am anxious now. Now am runnin' it only cause am tired feeling alone on fridays. i feels soo insecure, a bit pitiful is it very possible to going down this low right now.