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2015-10-25 22:34:11 (UTC)

On accents

When I speak, I notice the subtle reactions. Faces look up, their gazes linger over me and my presence for longer than is necessary. The few who may interact with me will more often than not, ask where I’m from. Typically I’ll say I’m Nigeria, but have lived in the UK for a while…’ usually this response is unsatisfactory and so they’ll probe: Are both of your parents Nigerian? My answers are yes and yes.

I admit, I could just say ‘I’m British but I was born in Nigeria’, keep it simple. But then that would rob me of the enjoyment of their confused reactions.

Some of the words used by people to describe me upon first meeting are ‘articulate’ ‘eloquent’ ‘put-together’. While there is nothing wrong with these terms and while these terms in and of themselves are harmless, what they do point to is that there are certain expectations that are annoying.