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2015-12-09 12:34:18 (UTC)

dead week day3part2

Church gurl sent another text while id arrived early a bit for my presentation...I was rehearsal hella hard enough to be a good student.I was nervous it fallen apart just enough, we were next to do our presentation it was six of us. Talkin' what scenes we choice out of "Forrest Gump", I was very anxious then somehow dissolved without realizing of extreme laughter. It was me turn, and Id still had alot giggles it was hard to control, I felt soo embarrassed. So explain Y had choose Jenny and Forrest , it was very simple. I think did okay?
I grab my stuff to leave class and thats when i did a by *my feelings* reaction id texted my neighbor and we are hanging this friday. At that i was over her and ready to go forward wthout her in my life. (itd reminded me of Faking it scene with Amy and Karma)You gotta watched full season to understand what I feel inside soo much times before. last day of regular class. final is next wedneday at 10a.