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2015-12-09 08:46:59 (UTC)

dead week day3

hi?I would've thought this over bout just million parts. I only thought of one good reason. So umm really lost from where to begin on this, i really am.Id watched another movie (on drv)one of my favorties its (500) of Summer its so long since last time Id watched, it was different since id remember but it was good.I wasnt really focusing on it only because take control my Final Exam in math, is next week!!!! (Last night was many things,they were heavy confusing to understand at all). So at 7pm I was binge watching, it reminded a conversation that Me and Him had several times before somehow it put down so quickly that am very sad (still Right Now)Anyway am comparing Him and my neighbor they are very different guys.i dont Y am doing this but I am. I miss Him.I wish i was there not here, I know its so selfish. Wish me luck on my Presentation today.I woke up at 3:25am then gone back to sleep woke up again at 4-4:30am....Im gonna put on a fake smile for while is that alright with you? I really hope you proof of it...See you later bisexual kisses out. :(