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2015-12-08 12:37:12 (UTC)

dead week day2 part2

Hey, Id decide to post another post...she was here but I was on the other side of the campus. That's Y i couldnt find her. Well anyway she helped me out more then the tutors has been anyway. Id catched up wth two ppl Lauren and Amber, havent seen Amber in a while good catching up.(Buy another snack pack to fill my hungry, so I wont feel extremely hungry tonite). During class gone over what to expected in the Final Exam on next tuesday. I got help wth classmate and she was the best, it was an group effected itd helped soo much. We are going meet up again an hour before the Final exam! am excited but very anxious still.

**my horoscope today**

You typically trust your senses more than your feelings, but your current emotions could overwhelm your rational thoughts. Your energy is tightly wired today and your jumpiness may set you off if you try to hold still. Occasionally, your cage benefits from being rattled -- especially when your relationships have grown too rigid. Nevertheless, don't wait for something unexpected to happen. Instead, stretch beyond your comfort zone and be more flexible in both body and mind.
We still havent spoke yet?.... am kinda of alright bout it, but am really scared bout where i stand in math. Well post again bout tomorrow before my Presentation. See you then. bisexual kisses and hugs :P, hehe...