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2015-12-08 08:22:36 (UTC)

dead week day2

Yesterday update of dead week day1 part2:
So after class I had rehearsal for my Presentation I did alright.When I got home,I was different felt extremely hungry only for awhile because Ive skipped another meal. Ive made it up wth dinner.So Id throw myself math homework and full of vocab.However I was lookin' for someone to just hang out wth so Id texted my neighbor we spoke lil bit but I want more i honestly do. I dont think my neighbor can give me that, just yet? Still trying figure him out i guess.(last night) I took a shower did nothing to release the pressure my headache.
Today this morning I woke up about 2 am but I cant remember I woke up around4 then gonna back to sleep after nine mines woke up 4:39a. in bout sixty mintues until I meet up with my classmate to help me out in math and for Final Exam :(
I dont trust church gurl,I feel like arent evening trying to hang out anymore. Im not going bother her anymore it isnt worth it.Im so over it!
Hes online but hes busy with His job, I hope hes alright. Well I will post another tomorrow before my Presentation.