always wth love

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2015-12-07 08:46:56 (UTC)

dead week day1

Didnt go anywhere read Friday second post says: a lose.
Overall busy weekend,woke up twice at 5am then yesterday gone to the movies again to see CREED (far from home).
Same old, same old.
Strange dreams it wasnt with Him am totally scared. It was with my neighbor,I dont know whats happening with my head. We texted a lil bit on Saturday and i was decoding what i was fantasying am scared!!!This shouldnt happening but it did. So anyway by surprised *I was offered a job BUT my sis friend aunty, thinks I'm still doing same damn thing* She tells this bout' 4 hours before heading off to the college.Today.
I woke up several times diectly at 4am and nearly at 4:30am eventually got up to force a smile upon my face.
Am very nervous I'm still at 64% in math. I dont know, i dont know to truly think how am going to do on the final Exam :(next week.
Oh yeah, I've an C- in communication class.(turning in last paper, today) Presentation is this Wednesday.
I gotta go see you guys later.