always wth love

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2015-12-04 08:39:14 (UTC)

same old love part2

So when I came home from class, id studied bout 3 hrs for math. However my mind was drifting once again, I was thinkin' of Him bout Her (church gurl)how i told Him i haven't hear from Her an week? I remember how i felt scared how my feels just reappeared like a bad drug. I dont know, why? i was looking for a reply back bout (yesterday aka tonite).So id resent same text around 7 something. So my neighbor isnt coming, i kinda figure thou.I really didnt mind it.Anyway I took another shower it was causal it fill me up just enough.Around 5:30ish (last night).
Still couldnt sleep last night, I was missing something I think? Its like am trying figure out wants going on in my head. Meanwhile Id woke up at 4:22am (this morning)and looked at until 4:30am....I have a lot of fears Right Now and especially begins at worst time, right before the holidays began again. It will be just the two of us, tonite its been along time since we were just us in the car. Oh shit am in love with Her again... (9:03am)Just thinkin' of us together is making attracted to her what hell as keep on happening to me???
He isn't on today hopefully very soon thou, I still want be with him.