always wth love

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2015-12-03 08:55:23 (UTC)

Speakin' to Him

I dont want talk about last night cause all I want go now more then just a month ago is to Him and leave everybody behind. And just start over and live there in his in embrace. I took another shower to feel somewhat better what is resurfacing again to gain back what confident i have left in me but it was only at 5:30pm when I took the shower.So i forget how good music is my mediation sometimes i wouldn't minded the booze too.
I couldnt sleep at all last night gone at 9pm but didnt close my eyes until 10pm, Id alot on my mind once again. I woke up today directly at 4am but didnt feel like getting up from my bed so I stay there until 4:30am. So thats all I have on that.
I'm so glad Hes online today I really need him.
He fills me in whats been doing and I feel so important and glad i have Him in my life. Just want be with Him all the time. Is that bad? Am just curious cause I really there just different place and adventure.
Hes very smart and wise and somehow I let myself fly in the mist of the haze.I dream bout him so often its a love that never dies....