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2015-11-29 00:07:00 (UTC)

Random Assortment - November 2015

**Hello Vagina - Margot & the Nuclear So and So's [very good]

Fog - From Indian Lakes

Breathe, Desperately - From Indian Lakes

Search For More - From Indian Lakes [Liv's influence. This is her favorite band]

Sunrise, Sunset - Bright Eyes

**April 8th - Neutral Milk Hotel

So & So So & So From Wherever Wherever - Built To Spill

***Terrible/Perfect - Built To Spill

*Glue Girls - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Hotel California - Eagles [this song wouldn't leave me alone. creeping me out since childhood sigh. Can't deny that nostalgia is a powerful thing]

Just Like The Sea - Pigpen Theatre Co.

Crow - Pigpen Theatre Co.

Good To Know That If I Ever Need Attention, All I Have To Do Is Die - Brand New

Bed - Brand New

All That I've Got - The Used [sooooo angsty. I'm already tired of it but whtever)

**Cool Blue Reason - Cake

Girl From North Country - Bob Dylan

Heart of Gold - Johnny Cash

I'd Love To Change The World - Ten Years After

Instrumental - Modest Mouse [idk if this is a real song title but that was all that was given. It's one of their really early demos that I got from Guercinator's youtube channel.]

Blue Cadet-3, Do You Connect? (Full EP) - Modest Mouse [more early stuff]

Teeth Like God's Shoeshine - Modest Mouse

***Whenever You See Fit - Modest Mouse & 764-Hero

No One's First and You're Next (Full EP) - Modest Mouse

Made-Up Dreams - Built To Spill [I know this is a repeat but it's so good]

***Plainclothes Man - Heatmiser

Christian Brothers - Heatmiser

***Do You Feel It? - Chaos Chaos

**For The Damaged Coda - Blonde Redhead

White's Not My Color This Evening - Cherry Glazerr

Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd version and the David Gilmour version

Tequila Mockingbird - The Buttertones

Vague Space - Stephen Malkmus

Half Right - Heatmiser

Between The Bars - Elliot Smith

Short Change Hero - The Heavy

Love's Lost Guarantee - Rogue Wave [considered leaving this off the list bc, like their other song Lake Michigan, this song got old SO FAST ugh]

Lost Cause - Beck

Where'd All The Time Go? - Dr. Dog [Indeed, dr. dog, indeed... Where DID all the time go? Up your butt and round the corner? Up a tube and out yer boob? Oh my god I'm leaving now I'm sorry bye]