A lady in the crowd
2015-11-28 06:17:14 (UTC)

A Change of Heart.

A lot of woman are boy crazy but I'm just plain off nuts! There's a high possibility that I'm even more crazy than Jimmy Mist himself. I'm well aware that he committed the notorious manslaughter of 159 people in Massachusetts back in 2007. I'm also a firm supporter of justice but I couldn't tell any of this to the police. Years have passed since 2007. It's 2016 and my sheer instinct knows he's had change of heart. While everyone else has given up on him, I continue having faith that one day he'll see he's not the villain he portrays himself as. I spent countless conversations trying to convince him that he has a good heart, yet he tells me otherwise. He claims that I don't see what's in front of me and maybe he's right.

"Sweet Anna, I clearly don't walk with a Devils tail, but I'm no Holy Spirit either. You know what I did and good people wouldn't dare," Jimmy paused and cleared his throat

"We're all sinners in this rotten World but God forgives us if we forgive ourselves. Now lets just sit down and pray."

"Look at me Anna! Do you see a man who believes in God?"

Anna gazed at him carefully and spoke slowly, "I only see a man who somehow managed to lose faith in himself but I believe in you."

"Look closer, and tell me what you see," Jimmy said with a low threatening voice.

"Someone with a good heart," Anna whispered.

"Quit it! For all you know, I could've sold my soul to the Devil. You wouldn't give a shit. Would you now? You love me Anna! You love me so much! Mark my words, you love me to the point where it blinds you! Do you see what's in front of you?"

Anna looked down and said nothing in return as a teardrop slowly fell down her cheek. Jimmy stared at her for what seemed like an eternity. He whipped her tear with his index finger. He thought of how beautiful Anna looked. Even during times like this. He thought about how he admired her when she dressed in her favorite white polo and squeezed into her tight jeans, where she wore bright red lipstick, and other days she wore a gray baggy sweater. Sometimes she was a natural beauty and wore no makeup whatsoever, either way, make-up or not she's breathtakingly gorgeous. Especially nights where she stood naked before him and she was perfectly comfortable in her own skin. He looked at her and thought about how someone as wonderful as Anna Lewinsky could ever be with a monster like Jimmy Mist. He was clearly a fraud replica of silver while she was priceless karats of pure gold. She deserved someone much, much better than a man who knows he'll never have a good heart. It's too late for him, though the possibilities are low, she still has a chance.

Jimmy took a deep breath and said, "Give it up Anna. I want you to listen to me for once in your life. Really look at what's right in front of you. This is check of $9,000 dollars. Don't ask me how I got this money alright? I want you to buy a plane ticket to Louisiana and buy yourself a nice place that's far away from me."

"I can't do that! I know you don't know what it's like to walk in my shoes and understand what love is but one day you will. Patience is key and we have all the time in the World until my heart stops beating. I'd rather die than leave to Louisiana!"

Jimmy's eyes glistened in mischief as he smiled at Anna, "As you wish my dear."

Yours Truly,