A lady in the crowd
2015-11-24 21:05:14 (UTC)

Let It Snow.

Do you feel the cold Winter in Calexico? Sarcastically speaking, the closest thing to Winter is fresh 60 degree weather with partly cloudy skies. If only it rained cats and dogs; if only Winter appeared upon California's skies. People would cautiously drive cars because the roads would be pelted in a thick layer of ice. It's not another bomb threat or a shooting; school is closed because a marvelous miracle happened. Five year old Natalie exclaims,"It snowed mommy it really did! Come lets make snow angles and lets build a snowman!" Nobody's killed and the children rejoice.

Even the table dancers from La Casona would cover up by wearing a cozy sweater. Anne would be the happiest jock of them all. She would proudly wear her leather man jacket and remind herself that a New Year is upon them all.

~Yours Truly,