always wth love

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2015-11-23 09:22:31 (UTC)

soo much.

So much has happened from Friday through Sunday, but Friday 6:30-10pm started from guy that i know pretty well gave me an friend email "M" shes NOW at my dream college, so we catch up again in our lives...Then I saw Sarah in soo many months She so cute & has been so busy with school as well. Then she told us (all girls, what has been going on i honestly didnt what know??however she told us)I was surprised but i didnt want want cut her off i kept silent....
When Vivian picked me and neighbor up, something wasnt right? it was at 6:23pm, i still cant figure her out, am pissed however id talked almost ride there but then she told we picking another person "Haley", shes was sweet girl but her story was so sad, i want cry thou.When she had dropped us both off, something on her mind couldnt figured it... So it was along night... Strange night was so off guard! Am slowly liking my neighbor is so unreal for me, but i couldnt stop thinkin' of him either so strange super awkwarder. Even now am into much older guy we been friends bout 3 years (Said it soo MUCH TIMES on here).
I was horny on Saturday & today...I woke up twice at 4:20-40am but between those times i was well rested, somewhat. am hella guessing, alright?... *Last night dream* I just came back from visiting Him, i wasnt showing yet? the guy had crush on last semester he saw me and said "I looked different" I just smiled said the same to him, then we just hanging out and talked... Then woke up.
Me and him still chatting we only have one more day left to chat freely.Its tomorrow.